TOA Protile is a grey cementitious powder, single component tiling adhesive mortar containing cement, selected fine grain aggregates and specialty chemical additives. It is supplied ready-to-use with the addition of water giving good bonding for laying tiles on walls and floors, interior and exterior.

Film type



20 Kg.

Excellent adhesion strength onto the substrate

TOA Protile provides the following beneficial properties :

  • Finished Mix from the factory.The quality is consistency.
  • Easy to use, only mix with water.
  • Laying ceramic tiles up to size 60 x 60 cm.
  • Suitable for floors and walls, both interior and exterior.

Tile can be adjusted within 15 minutes

TOA Protile is used for the following areas :

  • Tile on wall and Floor.
  • Ceramic tiles up to 60X60 cm.
  • Clay tiles, Granito tiles, Mosaic tiles.
  • Interior and Exterior.
  • Types of substrate : Cement and concrete.