TOA creates the Thai society

Nowadays paint and surface protection material businesses are highly competitive in the market. To sustain leadership in the production of the paint and the surface protection material requires continuing development in all areas, so that employees can work efficiently and effectively in the same direction. The company has tried its best to support the employees at all levels, based upon practical guidelines and desirable business practices by focusing on working under moral and ethical framework and striving to be involved in social responsibility synchronizing with business operations. The company treats its stakeholders transparently, fairly and ethically and participates in the development of the society, the community and the environment by adopting the approach of “Create the Thai Sustainability”. This approach will help push the social responsibility policy of the company into continuing implementation by conforming to the four practical principles as follows:

1. Human Development

The human development focuses on stakeholders, employees, youths in communities, people and trade partners by providing self-development skills, improving work performances and strengthening future careers.

2. Production Process with Social Responsibility

The production process is adjusted to ensure environmentally friendly and safe production for the consumers and the environment. In addition, more products are certified by the Green Label.

3. Care and Development of Business Alliances

For sustainable development and supports for business alliances, especially for the trade partners and the representatives, the company participates in social activities by organizing training on Corporate Social Responsibility principles and encouraging the trade partners and the representatives to organize these activities for the development of organizations and nearby communities.

4. Continuing Development of Value and Production Technology and Creation of New Inspiration from the Products to Ensure Efficiency, Effectiveness and Awareness of Social Responsibility

TOA has continuously participated in the CSR-DIW Project of Department of Industrial Works and progresses to become the market leader of the surface protection paint in the ASEAN region. With its production expertise, services, intention and commitment, TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited strongly hopes that all its stakeholders will acquire happiness, have trust in its products and services and be with the Thai people forever.

"Become a leader in the surface protection paint market in Southeast Asia with expertise in products and services."


  1. Create a Leader for Quality Greenovative Product and Excellent Service.
  2. Develop distribution channels in the country and abroad, support business partners and develop TOA Group Paint Solution Store.
  3. Improve internal working processes to ensure high productivity (cost, speed and high quality result) for both excellent products and services.
  4. Create and support people manager (Good Work, Good Thought and Good People).

Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility

TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited has operated its business by focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Company promotes social and community activities by taking effects caused to stakeholders and transparent business principles into account. The Company upholds work ethics and promotes organization cultures that care for the society and the environment.

TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited is in TOA group of companies producing paint products by striving to operate its business, being responsible for various effects caused from its business operations, promoting transparent, verifiable and ethical business operations, upholding human rights principles, taking stakeholders’ benefits into account, trying to produce quality and safe paints for consumers, caring for community and environment, conforming to law and other requirements or related international practices and developing and improving the foundation of continuous and sustainable social responsibility.

Announced on April 1, 2014

TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited