Social and Environmental Operations

TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited is committed to living with the community and the society sustainably and focusing on business operations that care for the society, the community and the environment in order to build and promote an environmentally friendly business and a social responsibility at the same time. The Company has established its policy on social responsibility by promoting a transparent, verifiable and ethical business, upholding human rights principles, taking stakeholders’ benefits into account and applying the seven principles of CSR-DIW to its business operations as follows:

The Company strives to become a leader in the surface protection paint market in Southeast Asia with its expertise in products and services and become a leader of Greenovation by offering environmentally friendly products to the market. At the same time, the Company focuses on its reliability and good governance by taking stakeholders’ benefits into account and follows up with the evaluation of the corporate governance continuously.

The Company focuses on basic human rights by establishing practices under rights and freedoms. Individual rights and freedoms must be protected, and they must not be violated by the use, the disclosure and the transfer of personal information, such as personal history, health history, work history or other personal data, by unauthorized persons. The Company is aware of human rights and equality by establishing practices for all concerned.

The Company must be fair and must not promote discrimination regardless of body, mind, race, nationality, religion, gender, age, education or other factors by applying this principle to all its stakeholders.

The Company does not allow any children to enter its working areas, and it does not employ a child labor.

The Company monitors its labor and protects its employees by conforming to applicable laws to ensure their good quality of life and strengthen their relationships to the Company based upon fair practices, appreciation of differences and equality. Cronyism is not promoted, and employees’ rights are not deprived due to race, nationality, religion, social status, gender, age, deformity, disability, political concept or marital status. In addition, the Company encourages its employees to improve their working skills for career progresses and cares for health and safety of the employees, contractors and visitors by always implementing its emergency preparedness plan.

The Company produces surface protection products with its strong commitment to develop the products and the industry continuously and create good environment for the Company and the community based upon the environment management system standard of ISO 14001 by instilling awareness on environment protection, conforming to applicable requirements, laws, rules and regulations, striving to improve and reduce the amounts of waste, waste water and air pollution, preventing environmental effects to a minimum by developing production processes and products, preserving quality products and reviewing and improving the environment management plan on a regular basis.

Policy on Environmentally Friendly Products

The Company applies Greenovation and strives to offer innovations for consumer health and environmental sustainability by managing the environment and conforming to the environment management system standard of ISO 14001 to make sure that the Company operates its business for friendly environment and sustainable community. The Company disseminates its environmental management data by communicating and promoting them via website, Facebook and community promotion board.

Pollution Prevention and Control

The Company focuses on the prevention and the control of environmental effects caused from its business operations, including air quality, dust, water, noise, waste and unwanted materials by complying with standards required by applicable laws and always improving the environmental quality.

Management of Waste and Unwanted Materials

The Company has established the regulations for managing and controlling waste from the production process or other activities to ensure appropriateness, conformance to applicable laws and safety in storing, transportation and disposal in order to use them as a guideline for preventing the disposal of waste and unwanted materials negatively affecting the environment. The Company has classified its waste by establishing working procedure in ESE-P008: Waste Management. The waste can be classified into three types - - community waste, general waste and chemical waste, and the Company stores its waste to be disposed of by a licensed company.

The Principles of the 3Rs for Resource Use Reduction

The Company is aware of utilizing limited resources to ensure maximum benefit by applying the principles of 3Rs to its operations and minimizing and recycling waste, including recycle of 200L tank within the factory and reuse and recycle of solvent after being distilled for cleaning machines/color powder crusher machine, etc.

The Company strives to develop all of its operations continuously to make sure that its employees can work efficiently and effectively in the same direction. The Company tries hard to support its employees at all levels and promote desirable business practices and behaviors by focusing on morals and ethics at work. In addition, the Company has established its codes of conduct for directors, executives and all employees to be used as a guideline for correct working behaviors, so they can conform to the key principles of business operations transparently, correctly and legally by taking stakeholders into account, in response to the company objectives and the social responsibility.

The Company takes maximum customer satisfaction into account by setting fair prices, producing quality products and being responsible for customers and consumers. The Company is committed to improving the safety of its products and services. The Company considers that consumer safety is important, and the products of the Company must be labeled with safety instructions. Additionally, the employees must be provided with training on safety and management of effects caused to the consumers and the environment.

The Company considered nearby communities directly affected by the Company first by taking its business characteristics and capability into account. The employees and the communities participated in activities for sustainable operations. These activities include…

  • Participation in Presenting Robes to Monks at Bang Hua Sua Temple in the Community. The contributions were used for the construction of monk’s cell and priests’ eating hall. The event took place on November 1, 2015, and Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited also participated in the event.
  • Participation in the Children’s Day Activity Joined by Surrounding Factories within the Radius of Five Kilometers. Participation in Organizing the Children’s Day Activity at Phook Mit Pattana Kao Na Community on January 9, 2016. Before the activity began, working teams from each factory participated in the meeting to prepare for the activity and think about the concept of the activity at Toyota Samrong.
  • During the activity, the Company organized a campaign titled “Little Firefighter…The Conqueror”. Children were taught to use a fire extinguisher, and parents also participated in the activity and learned how to use the fire extinguisher at the same time for fire safety awareness.
  • The project created by TOA is Painter Career. The project helps develop the skills and the capacity of people in the community. The training course includes knowledge and understanding about colors, painting practices and extra painting skills, so that the people can paint their own houses and buildings. Moreover, the people can apply these skills at home or at work.
  • People have been encouraged to act as community volunteers. The Company has given umbrellas to the community volunteers, so that they can use these umbrellas when they will have to meet people in the community.