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Design by TOA Idea Color

Inspiration, Consultation and Color Design in Response to Your Needs

Idea Color is a team of professional designers providing consultation and house paint colors. We create inspiration and offer consultation on the selection of products to make sure that you receive the color tone and the product you want and respond to your taste in house paint color.

1. Photo Taking

Take a photo of the house or the room needing paint or scan the photo or the construction drawing in .jpg format.

2. File Submission

Upload and send the file of your house or room via the website by identifying your needs or requesting the architect to create the design for you, applying the TOA Idea Color Program free of charge.

3. Wait for Reply

Wait for the file of the design by the architect via email or get it by yourself at TOA Color Center within one week after you send the file of your house or room to us.

4. Purchase Order

After having chosen the color you like, you can easily purchase it by taking TOA Color Code to TOA Color World Store. For accuracy, do not forget to check the actual color with the TOA Color Fandeck or the catalogue prior to purchasing.

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