Shark Lacquer

Shark Lacquer

Shark Lacquer is produced from Nitrocellulose Resin and Bio-based Plasticizer which is suitable furniture and various uses made from wood.


0.275 LT (Small bottle), 0.48 LT (Big bottle)

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Excellent film building and fast dry

  • Provide excellent film building, fast dry, high gloss, and good adhesion on wood and plywood
  • Suitable for interior


  • Smoothen the surface by using sand paper and remove all dust, oil and other foreign matters
  • Apply Shark Lacquer by brushing or spraying
  • Dilute Shark Lacquer with Thinner for lacquer or Thinner AAA,  if necessary
  • Quick drying (touch dry 5-10 minutes, recoating time 30 minutes and hard dry within 6 to 8 hours)


  • Thinner is flammable which must use and keep away from heat and sparking area.
  • Do not breathe or inhale mist and void skin contact
  • Keep container tightly closed and keeps out of reach children or away from food and drink