TOA Moisture Guard

TOA Moisture Guard

TOA Moisture Guard is a water-based type and low odor. It is applied to reducing moisture, enhance adhesion, and prevent alkalinity on new surface. Also, it protects top coat from fading, peeling, moisture and durable against any weather condition.

TOA Moisture Guard is formulated from premium modified Xylane: Xylocaine, which is able to penetrate deep into surface to reduce moisture, but increase adhesion. Film is to protect moisture and alkalinity, caused by wet cement, especially rising damp moisture. This causes other problems, such as, peeling, efflorescence and wrong color shading.



Moisture & Peeling Protection

  • Water-based modified Xylane: Xylocainen with high moisture protection
  • White color (Milk-like) & High penetration into surface
  • Enhancing adhesion of primer & Reducing alkalinity on new surface and top coat
  • Weather resistance
  • Prolonging top coat life-time
  • Suitable for bottom part of outside wall: High potential of rising damp moisture 

Suitable for Bottom Part of Outside Wall

Suitable for moisture protection near bottom part of outside wall and wall that is
near soil area. It is to protect underground moisture rising. Also, it can be used 
before applying top coat when cement is not completely dry before applying top coat.