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Design by TOA Idea Color


Our house paint color design service is free of charge.

The picture seen on the computer screen is a guideline only. The color is close to the actual color. Thus, you are recommended to always check the actual color with the Fandeck or the catalogue of the sales distributor prior to purchasing. Furthermore, when the actual paint is used, there are also other factors, such as lighting. By these reasons, the best way is to test the color first by buying a small can of paint and using it with your actual work to make sure that you really like it.

The format used for designing must be in .jpeg format only, and the definition must not be too low or too high. (The recommended definition is 200 - 600 kb.) For taking a picture, the pictures of the front and the side must be taken. For a construction drawing, you are recommended to scan the picture of the front, the side or the rear, but it is not necessary for you to attach the house plan.

The designer normally spends not more than one week for designing.

Clients can choose the method of receiving the design by selecting the method in the system and stating whether the clients want email replies or the clients want to go and get the designs by themselves. Thus, the clients can discuss with the architect. Please call and make an appointment with the architect in advance.

The designs received by clients are the color painted on the clients’ houses. The clients can also change the colors by themselves. To select the picture, the designer normally selects one or two suitable and clear pictures only. Thus, many pictures should not be sent, as it will delay the selection.

You can buy the paint from TOA Color World Store or HomePro, Dohome, Global House, Thai Watsadu, and Boonthavorn.

If clients want to see the colors of their houses in the computer, the clients can request for the service via the website. The working team is available at the head office, or the clients can call and make appointments with the designer for consultation at the head office. In addition. You can ask about the branches providing the color design service by calling 02-335-5777 Press 3.