Extra Polyurethane

SuperShield Extra Polyurethane is a solvent-based paint for dried wood. It reacts with moisture in the air and is suitable for interior application with wood that is not exposed by sunlight. It is easy to apply with apparent and high gloss film. It is anti-bacteria for long lifetime. Paint film is highly resistant to scratch and abrasion, highly adhesive with wood, and resistant to slam, heat and chemical.

Film type



1/4 GL., 1 GL.

Extreme Durability

  • Transparent film with high gloss.
  • Thick film & Easy to apply.
  • Long-lasting over 12 years.
  • Strong paint film with Super Synthetic Polyresin from Italy.
  • Excellently resistant to scratch & abrasion.
  • Excellently resistant to slamming force.
  • Excellently resistant to chemical & heat up to 60 Celsius.
  • No misty film from water at zero Celsius.
  • Anti-bacteria for long lifetime.
  • UV protection from UV Absorber.
  • Free from dangerous heavy metals Lead & Mercury.

Parquet Wood Coating with Anti-Bacteria

Suitable for all kinds of wood coating application such as parquet,
indoor wood courtyard, and wood furniture that is exposed with
sunlight occasionally, especially areas near window and balcony.