TOA WoodStain Semi-Gloss
TOA Wooding Semi-Gloss is formulated from alkyd resin, special additives, and translucent pigments. It excellently protects wood from UV light. Paint film is flexible and prevent water penetration, anti-bacteria, and anti-termite agent. It is easy to apply, thick film, high gloss, and high absorption into wood.
Type of Finishing
Semi Gloss
Can Size
1/4GL, 1GL
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2 Times Higher Durable & 5 Times Faster Drying
  • 2 Times higher durable paint film with Titanium Nano agent from Germany
  • Translucent paint film & Highlighting wood texture appearance by Transparent Pigment
  • 5 Times faster dry & Reducing dust stick on paint film
  • With UV Absorber, preventing wood from UV light   
  • Flexible film: No crack, blister, and peel
  • Easy to wash
  • Excellent anti-bacteria, anti-moth, and anti-termite
  • Free from dangerous heavy metals: Lead & Mercury
For Real Wood & Fiber Composite Board
Suitable for exterior and interior wood coating application, such as, wall, gable, ceiling, handrail, fence, and furniture (except for wood flooring & roofing)