TOA ExtraShield Akali Resisting Primer
Primer each new cement base. Extra Shield. Made from acrylic, acrylic specialty Small is powerful can be penetrate the surface better. Enhance the adhesion between the surface with primer and topcoat. Prevent the alkalinity from cement, Topcoat not make a splash and salt crust.In addition, moisture can release from the wall. Enhance the Topcoat Extra Shield. Long useful life.Out of peeling problem. Typical Use;It is ideal primer for the application on the new masonry surface such as plaster, asbestos sheet,both interior and exterior.
Product Group
Ultra Premium
Type of Finishing
Can Size
1GL, 2.5GL, 5GL
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Rising damp Protection
  • High penetration and excellent adhesion provides long lasting durability.Giving all weather resistance even high humidity weather.
  • Breathable resin allows moisture vapor to pass through, allowing better adhension to the substrate and giving superior high resistance to blistering and peeling.
  • Waterproof prevents the penetration of liquid water on surface with"Hydrophobic" property, allows entrapped water on surface to evaporate, protects home structure from corrosion.
  • Stain Blocking with bonding of inorganic layers prevent reaction of stain and alkali from inside the surface destroy topcoat film.
Suitable bottom edge
Suitable for concrete, especially bottom edge wall both exterior and interior,Located  near water source or garden