TOA 211 Concrete Plus
TOA 211 Concrete Plus is a plasticizer that is used for mixing in concrete or mortar. Concrete becomes more liquidity: Easy to pour. It reduces water volume to put into concrete. Concrete turns waterproofing, rigid, and durable, with high compact resistance.
  • Rigid concrete: Waterproofing, no water penetration, and crack protection
  • Concrete becomes easy to pour
  • Suitable for roof deck, toilet, basement, pool, water tank, and pond
Can Size
5, 25L
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  • Waterproofing & Increasing concrete rigidity
  • Enhancing workability without increasing water volume
  • Reducing shrinking rate when drying & Reducing crack problems
  • High impact resistance
  • Increasing adhesion up to molecular level
  • Free from Chloride: Not affected rust formation

Suitable for

  • Structure, pole, and shoulder pole
  • Deck and concrete floor
  • Basement, bathroom, and water tank
  • Drain concrete gutter
  • Dam, water system, and pool