TOA D-Cote is a white-cream acrylic that is ready to use for decorative plastering on concrete, covering small crack and hole, and smoothening surface.

  • Suitable for decorative plastering and smoothing surface
  • Covering small crack and hole
  • Easy to use & Highly adhesive with surface and top coat
  • No peeling
  • Apply top coat after 1 day of TOA D-Coat is applied
Type of Finishing
Can Size
5, 25 kg
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Acrylic Skim Coat for Thin plastering
  • For concrete decorative plastering on wall, pole, and ceiling: Smooth surface
  • Highly adhesive & Easy to plaster
  • For thin plastering & No crack
  • Many layers of plastering as needed with no peeling
  • Exterior & Interior application
  • Save volume of paint
  • Convenient & Easy to apply
Small Crack Coverage
Suitable for plastering on concrete structure, precast, common plastering on wall, ceiling, and pole. Applicable for exterior & interior.