TOA 7IN1 Semi-Gloss
High performance Pure Acrylic Elastomeric Wall Coatig for Exterior & Interior with Proective hybride technology from germany.
Product Group
Ultra Premium
Type of Finishing
Can Size
3.75L, 10L, 15L
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Protect your home with Elastometic
  • Nano Silicone Dirt particlles are altracted into the water droplets, Rolling down the wall.
  • A smooth surface with Fluoro carbon paint contains stain-repellant property Plus an easy to remove stain function.
  • Cover hair line cracks.
  • Superb waterproof performance.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Anti-carbonation.
  • Dirt pick-up resistance.
  • Efflorescent resistance.
300% Elastomeric Protect your home from Hair line Crack
Suitable for both exterior and interior that require covering and inner structure protection. Suitable for plaster surface, concrete.