Roofseal is something that must be selected and think about how to prevent a repeating leak. Roofseal is something that must be selected and think about how to prevent a repeating leak.

Roofseal is something that must be selected and think about how to prevent a repeating leak.

It is a heartbreaking story when a leaking roof was repaired, and the leak comes back again. What is the reason? What do we do with roof waterproofing to stop the roof leaking story, and not to interfere with our lives? This article has the answer!

What we may not think about the cause of the roof leakage

1. The deck leaks because of cracks.

The cracks on the deck surface are caused by temperature changes from sunlight, cold, and rain. All these factors cause the concrete deck surface to stretch and shrink until cracks occur. If they are unchecked and left without roof waterproofing when it rains and time goes by, water may seep into the cracks and go deep into the structure and then rust occurs.

กันซึมดาดฟ้า ต้องทำเพื่อป้องกันดาดฟ้ารั่วซึม

2. There are cracks at the corners of the floor and deck walls but they are not fixed.

The joints along the edge of the roof top corner, especially the joints between the floor and the wall are regarded as another risk point that causes the roof to leak. If they are left for a long time by doing nothing with the joints properly or no installation roof waterproofing, various cracks expand more because they are not protected. When it rains, water and moisture accumulate in the edge of the crack. This can cause mold, algae, and water to seep into the structure as well.

กันซึมดาดฟ้า ควรเน้นย้ำบริเวณขอบมุม

The deck leaks because other materials are installed on the deck and this results in cracks.

The installation of items, such as water tanks or deck additions is another reason why the deck can crack and leak. A highly resilient roof waterproofing  system reduces the risk of surface tearing and water ingress.

เมื่อติดตั้งวัสดุอื่นบนดาดฟ้า ควรทำ กันซึมดาดฟ้า

4. The deck leaks because the drainage is clogged.

This is the easiest cause and the easiest repair but we often neglect the problem as well. Thus, keep going up to the deck to check to make sure that no leaves and twigs pile up in the drainage to prevent flooding on the rooftop. This greatly reduces the risk of roof leaks.

รางระบายน้ำอุดตัน อาจทำให้ดาดฟ้ารั่วซึม หากไม่ทำ กันซึมดาดฟ้า

5. The deck leaks because it is thought that the roof has already been waterproofed with nothing further to do.

The solution used to mix concrete when building a rooftop does not prevent water leakage as understood. Its function is to reduce water in concrete that makes the concrete firm and opaque. Therefore, the water is more difficult to enter the concrete. In this regard, if there is no installation of a  roof waterproofing  system additionally, the concrete still faces the sunlight and rain, and finally cracks occur and water seeps into the concrete.

ไม่ได้ทำ กันซึมดาดฟ้า เพราะคิดว่าช่างทำเอาไว้แล้ว

6. The deck leaks because of the use of unsuitable products.

The selection of unsuitable products for the work is a popular topic; for example, the use of cement to cover the cracks on the rooftop or filling the cracks with acrylic sealant. As time goes by, the rooftop leaks again because the plastered cement is not flexible. When exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, it is broken as before. The use of acrylic sealant to fill cracks on the deck is considered inappropriate as the acrylic sealant is suitable for filling cracks in the house or indoor cracks, which are not subject to direct sunlight.

ดาดฟ้ารั่วซึม เพราะใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์อื่นแก้ไขแทน กันซึมดาดฟ้า

A deck or roof waterproofing, which one should be chosen?

TOA has a group of waterproofing chemicals that can fix and prevent a leaking deck and roof, in 3 types: TOA PU Waterproof, TOA 201 Roofseal, TOA Roofseal Sunblock All of them are roof waterproofing with a seamless type which is 100% waterproof and highly flexible to help reduce the opportunity of cracks that may increase.

The selection of deck and roof waterproofing is very easy. Just answer these questions 1.How long do you need durability? 2. What is the usage characteristics of the floor under the roof deck? That’s all. You can then choose the deck and roof waterproofing for use.

กันซึมดาดฟ้า และกันซึมหลังคา จากทีโอเอ

Roof waterproofing, TOA PU Waterproof

Polyurethane for waterproofing on roof decks and roofs the most durable

It is the most durable.

The polyurethane waterproofing material is not only durable more than 10 years, it is also able to withstand water more for than 30 days and has flexibility up to 800%. It is known as the best and most premium roof waterproofing in the roof waterproofing product group of TOA.

  • It is a deck and roof waterproofing, polyurethane waterproofing type with the premium grade.
  • Highest quality, durable for more than 10 years
  • High flexibility to 800%
  • Heat reflection over 90%
  • Resistant to water over 30 days
  • Excellently resistant to chemicals and sunlight
  • Water formula, safe and friendly to environment

Deck and roof waterproofing, TOA 201 Roofseal

Acrylic waterproofing, the no. 1 best seller, durable more than 5 years

TOA 201 Roofseal is an acrylic deck and roof waterproofing that is the most popular one for technicians and those who want to repair and fix the problem of leakage. It has the most colors available with outstanding properties including flexibility up to 500% and a durable lifespan of more than 5 years.

  • It is an acrylic type deck and roof waterproofing, 100% waterproof.
  • Lifespan exceeding 5 years
  • High flexibility to 500%
  • Heat reflection over 90%
  • Excellently resistant to chemicals and sunlight
  • Water formula, safe and friendly to environment

Deck and roof waterproofing, TOA Roofseal Sunblock, Acrylic Roof Waterproof 2 in 1 for both leak proof and heat proof.

TOA Roofseal Sunblock is deck and roof waterproofing, which is not only durable over 5 years, but also has the property to reflect more than 95% of heat. It is suitable for people who focus on reducing heat in the house or need to use the space beneath the deck for a long time, such as using it as a bedroom, etc.

  • It is an acrylic type deck and roof waterproofing, 100% waterproof.
  • Lifespan exceeding 5 years
  • High flexibility to 500%
  • Heat reflection over 95%
  • Excellently resistant to chemicals and sunlight
  • Water formula, safe and friendly to environment

It’s easy to choose. So, it’s up to you to decide which deck and roof waterproofing is better. The using method of these 3 products is very easy.

To make rooftop waterproofing systematically with 4 products from TOA

This video shows you how to make rooftop waterproofing to prevent repetition of leakage. This house is an old commercial building over 40 years old that has a leaking deck problem. It has been fixed many times, but it still remains.

Products from for solving the leaking deck problemFrom the video, it can be seen that the systematic roof waterproofing can be made by using only 4 products. In this clip, TOA 201 Roofseal is selected. There are 3 steps as follows:

การทำ กันซึมดาดฟ้า ด้วยผลิตภัณฑ์จาก ทีโอเอ

1. Clean the deck to prepare the surface.

Scrape off the old waterproofing material and deteriorated cement, then scrub and clean, and applyTOA 113 Microkillto remove mold and algae on the rooftop, and then leave to dry without rinsing for 24 hours.

2. Fill the cracks with suitable products.

UseTOA PU Sealant which is a putty sealant with high flexibility, is waterproof, and excellent weather resistance.

3. Start applying acrylic waterproofing, TOA 201 Water-Mixed Roofseal as a primer

Open the acrylic roofseal, TOA 201 Roofseal and stir it, then scoop it out to mix with water.  Use a ratio of 3 parts of the roofseal to 1 part of water by volume. Stir well with water, then apply as a primer by layers. Don’t forget to paint the baseboard of the walls by approximately 10 centimeters.

4. Strengthen the edge of the corner and the cracks on the rooftop.

Place the sheet of TOA Fiber Mesh along the edge of the corner and the cracks and then use a roller or brush to press the TOA Piper Mesh sheet tightly to the roof waterproofing applied as a primer while the primer layer is still damp; leave it to dry for about 2–4.

5. Apply the acrylic roof waterproofing 2 more times without mixing with water.

When the acrylic roof waterproofing, the primer layer, has dried well, repeat painting the roof waterproofing 2 more times without mixing with water. Each time, paint in a cross as shown in the picture. For example, apply up or down in the first round and leave it to dry of 2–4 hours (blue arrow). Apply crosswise from left to right (orange arrow) in the second round and leave it to dry. That’s all.

การทา กันซึมดาดฟ้า แบบไม่ต้องผสมน้ำ


Deck and roof waterproofing in various forms,

what shades are available to choose?

Shades of TOA deck and roof waterproofing are as follows:

  • TOA PU Waterproof
    has 2 colors, grey and white

เฉดสี กันซึมดาดฟ้า ทีโอเอ พียู วอเตอร์พรูฟ

  • TOA 201 Roofseal
    has 6 colors including grey, dark grey, white, green, brown, and blue

เฉดสี กันซึมดาดฟ้า ทีโอเอ 201 รูฟซีล

  • TOA Roofseal Sunblock
    has 3 colors, green, grey, and cream

เฉดสี กันซึมดาดฟ้า ทีโอเอ รูฟซีล ซันบล็อก


Solving the problem of a leaky deck is not very heavy. Homeowners like us can do it ourselves by choosing deck and roof waterproofing with quality and following the steps systematically. If the problem is so severe such that the ceiling is swollen or penetrated, you should call a skilled technician to fix it. For any house where the rooftop doesn’t leak, don’t worry about it. Always go up to check the deck to make sure it is still strong and whether there are any cracks in any areas or not. It is better to prevent it than to fix it later.

ก่อนและหลังการทำ กันซึมดาดฟ้า


Q: I want to fix a leaky deck, what kind of roof waterproofing do I use?
A: TOA has products related to a waterproofing system. For deck and roof, we have up to 3 models

  • For deck and roof waterproofing, TOA PU Waterproof, Polyurethane for waterproofing on the deck and roof, is durable more than 10 years. It can withstand water more than 30 days and is flexible up to 800%. It can be called the best deck and roof waterproofing. It is the most premium in the roof waterproofing product group of TOA.
  • Deck and roof waterproofing, TOA 201 Roofseal, acrylic paint waterproofing on decks roofs, is a popular model and the best seller. It is 100% waterproof, flexible up to 500%, durable over 5 years.
  • Deck and roof waterproofing, TOA Roofseal Sunblock, acrylic paint waterproofing on decks and roof decks with heat resistance. It is another method to cool the deck because it has more than 95% heat reflection properties. You can read the steps how to make roof waterproofing and see equipment related to the waterproofing system. For the deck, see the article above.

Q : How do I cool the deck?
A : If you are installing a roof waterproofing system and want to reduce the heat on the deck and keep the house cool, we recommend using waterproofing products for decks and roofs  TOA Roofseal Sunblock  which has more than 95% heat reflective properties.

Q : Where can I find a technician to install a waterproofing system?
A : WHO Service is a team specializing in the installation of a complete waterproofing system. Ask for information or make an appointment at the showroom at the website WHO Service or add Line (Line Official)