TOA WoodStain Waterborne Semi-Gloss
TOA WoodStain Waterborne Semi-Gloss is formulated from acrylic emulsion polymer, consisting of Nano Cerium UV Absorber and translucent pigments. It excellently protects wood from UV light. Paint film is highly flexible.  With Nano Silica, it enhances scratch resistance and prevents water penetration. It contains anti-mold and anti-termite agent and is easy to apply with thick film, gloss finishing, and highly adhesive with wood.
Type of Finishing
Semi Gloss
Can Size
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Safe, Odourless, and Super Adhesion
  • Low VOCs & Low odour with Green Technology
  • Translucent paint film & Highlighting wood texture appearance by Transparent Pigment
  • Easy to use, fast-drying, and able to move in within 1 day
  • With Nano Cerium UV Absorber, protecting wood from UV light
  • Flexible film: No crack, blister, and peel
  • Easy to wash
  • Excellent anti-bacteria, anti-moth, and anti-termite
  • Safe with European Standard EN71: Free from 8 dangerous heavy metals
For Real Wood & Fiber Composite Board
Suitable for exterior and interior wood coating application, such as, wall, gable, ceiling, handrail, fence, and furniture.