TOA WoodStain Gloss
TOA Wooding Gloss is formulated from alkyd resin, special additives, and translucent pigments. It excellently protects wood from UV light. Paint film is flexible and prevent water penetration, anti-bacteria, and anti-termite. It is easy to apply, thick film, high gloss, and high absorption into wood.
Type of Finishing
Can Size
1/4GL, 1GL
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2 Times Higher Durable & 5 Times Faster Drying
  • 2 Times higher durable paint film with Titanium Nano agent from Germany
  • Translucent paint film & Highlighting wood texture appearance by Transparent Pigment
  • 5 Times faster dry & Reducing dust stick on paint film
  • With UV Absorber, preventing wood from UV light   
  • Flexible film: No crack, blister, and peel
  • Easy to wash
  • Excellent anti-bacteria, anti-moth, and anti-termite
  • Free from dangerous heavy metals: Lead & Mercury
Wood Coating for Wood Texture
Suitable for exterior and interior wood coating application, such as, wall, gable, ceiling, handrail, fence, and furniture (except for wood flooring & roofing)