TOA Shield-1 Nano For Interior (Matt)
100% Pure Acrylic Emulsion Paint Super Premium Grade by Shield Technology from TOA that arrange small compacted molecule film, Extremely protect severe weather, Small molecule perfectly penetrated into the surface that makes an excellent adhesive, non water absorbent film, Resistant to corrosion from outside weather, not inflated and not easy to slip.
Product Group
Type of Finishing
Can Size
1/4 GL., 1 GL., 5 GL.
Premium Acrylic Emulsion Paint
  • 100% Acrylic Emulsion Paint Super Premium Grade made from Acrylic Polymer and High pigment quality by Shield Technology from TOA that arrange small compacted molecule film as a result the film layer can protect the surface from severe weather and show the bright color with long durability.
  • Mercury & Lead Excluded, User-friendly.
  • Anti-fungus/Algae.
  • The smooth matt film reduce the reflection and provide full coverage surface.
Water and Oil Stained protection
Appropriated with exterior and interior decoration.
On concrete surface, brick, tile and others similar surface.