100% Acrylic for waterproofing for deck and roof

TOA Roofseal Sun Block is a highly flexible and premium acrylic. It is suitable for waterproofing on deck, iron roof, metal sheet, roman tile (cement roof), and balcony of house, building or factory. It can be waterproofing through summer and rainy season, without worries. With nano technology of heat reflection, there are 2 special substances. Firstly, Solar Reflective Pigment (SRP) is able to reflect heat up to 95%. Secondly, Insulating Microsphere Ceramic acts as an insulating coating to absorb and protect heat.

Type of Finishing
Cream, Grey, White, Green
Can Size
4, 20 kg
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Waterproofing for Deck & Roof
  • 100% Waterproofing without joint
  • 5 Times higher flexibility
  • 95% heat flection with Ceramic Coating Technology
  • Preventing & Fixing concrete from cracks caused by temperature change
  • Sunlight & Severe weather resistance
  • Film is highly scratch-resistant
  • Safe for users, free from toxic chemicals
Concrete Deck, Roof, and Drain Gutter
Suitable for waterproofing on many kinds surfaces, such as, concrete deck, concrete wall, concrete gutter, asbestos concrete roof, iron roof, and galvanized iron.