TOA 213 Water Repellent (WB)
TOA 213 Water Repellent is free from Lead and Mercury, anti-fungus, anti-algae, waterproofing, and transparent. It enhances durability of surface and suitable for interior application.

It consists of water-based Xylane with latest technology that increases waterproofing property. There is no solvent mixed: no strong odor from solvent. Suitable for showing natural texture and color of brick, stone, and concrete.
Can Size
1/4, 1GL
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Anti-algae & Anti-fungus Water-based Repellent for Interior Application
  • Water-based Xylane: Enhancing waterproofing property & Reducing moisture on surface: No fungus & algae formation
  • Dust resistant, easy to clean, and surface new at all times
  • Show natural textures of brick, stone, and concrete & Non-yellowish
  • Free from Lead and Mercury
2 Times More Durability
Suitable for surfaces with high alkalinity and with natural texture, such as, road, pavement, clay tile, brick, stone, and concrete.