TOA 112 Super Bond
TOA 112 Super Bond is a chemical that increase adhesion between old and new concrete, to reduce peeling problem. Suitable for plastering on damaged concrete or smoothening and adjusting concrete level.
Can Size
1, 5, 25 L
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High Adhesion & Solving Peeling Problem
  • Special chemical: Enhancing adhesion between old and new concrete
  • Plastering for fixing damaged concrete, such as, pole, shoulder pole, floor, and wall
  • Surface becomes stronger: Solving peeling problem
  • Mixed with cement and sand: Apply under ceramic and marble
  • Chemical resistance
Chemical Mixed with Cement & Sand For Fixing - Combining Concrete
Suitable for mixing with cement and sand for increasing work efficiency, such as, plastering to fix concrete, applying on brick, plastering tile, adjusting concrete level, and protecting abrasion.