SuperShield TimberShield Sheen
With the innovation of 100% ultra premium water-based pure acrylic, it is specially developed for wood coating with high adhesion and excellent durability to protect original wood surface.

SuperShield TimberShield is suitable for exterior wood application as it is formulated from 100% pure acrylic emulsion co-polymer with durable pigments and special additives. Paint film is flexible, self-cleaning, durable to any weather condition, prevents water penetration, and anti-mold.
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Beautiful, Durable, Value-added to Wood Application
  • Thailand's 1st innovation of water-based acrylic for opaque wood application
  • Low VOCs & Low odour formula with Green Technology
  • Durable up to 15 years, 3 times higher durable than premium solvent-based woodstain 
  • Smooth paint film & Highlighting wood texture to become beautiful and easy to wash
  • Flexible film: No crack, blister, and peel
  • Excellently resistant to water & Anti-mold and Anti-algae
  • Easy to apply: Roll, brush, or spray
  • Free from dangerous heavy metals: Lead & Mercury
100% Pure Water-based Acrylic for Wood Coating for Exterior & Interior

Suitable for exterior and interior wood coating application, such as, wall, gable, ceiling, handrail, fence, and furniture.

System Application

1. Surface preparation
For new surface: To scratch surface with sandpaper and clean dust and grease
For old surface: To scratch paint surface to increase adhesion. If paint surface is in bad condition, it needs to scratch deep into wood surface. (In case of having mold or algae, to clean with water and use TOA 113 Micro Kill and leave it dry before painting)

2. Primer application
Without gum: To apply 1 layer of TOA Undercoat White G1600
With gum: To apply 1 layer of TOA G1601 once. Then, to apply 1 layer of TOA Undercoat White G1600

3. Top coat application
To apply 2 layers SuperShield TimberShield