TOA Polyurethane 2K Semi-Gloss
TOA Polyurethane 2K Gloss is fast-drying. It has thick film and high adhesion with wood. It is highly resistant to scratch, slam, abrasion, and chemical. Paint film is high gloss and prevents water penetration.
Type of Finishing
Can Size
1/4GL, 1GL
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Fast-drying & No Brush Mark
  • 4 Times faster dry with Super Hardener Resin
  • New formula with high concentration: Gloss film & No brush mark
  • Highly resistant to scratch & abrasion
  • Highly resistant to chemical & heat
  • Strong paint film upto 10 years
  • Free from dangerous heavy metals: Lead & Mercury
Parquet Coating Paint with 2 Parts System
Suitable for all kinds of wood coating application, such as, parquet, dancing floor, bowling courtyard, indoor courtyard, stair, handrail, and furniture.