SuperShield Duraclean A+ Matt
Advance technology, the best interior paint from TOA 100% high performance pure acrylic waterborne. Air detoxify technology absorbs harmful formaldehyde duration washable and anti-bacterial for lifetime.

Product Group
Ultra Premium
Type of Finishing
Can Size
1 GL., 2.5 GL.
Advance technology
The best interior paint from TOA
  • Superior wash-ability and scrub resistance more than 200,000 times.
  • Extra low odor and nearly zero VOCs.
  • Air detoxify technology absorbs harmful formaldehyde 24 hr.
  • Certified by Thai and Singapore green label standard.
  • Anti-bacterial 99.99% for lifetime by Microban.
  • Approved by National Asthma Council Australia. A better choice for people with asthma & allergies.
  • French regulation and trend in Europe, concerning the emission level of volatile substances into indoor air showing as inhalation toxic hazard. DuraClean A+ is the 1st in Thailand and in Asia to get certified with A+ result. (very low emission or highest safe) Suitable for Green Building standard.
Natural material and 100% APEO
Safe for everyone
For interior, Suitable for areas that require highly hygienic ex.
Children's bedroom, hospital, kindergarten, or areas require extra low odor
ready for moving in within an hour ex hotel, corridor.