4 SEASONS Acrylic Emulsion (Matt)
4 SEASONS Matt Emulsion Paint for interior is based on a 100% acrylic emulsion and excellent cover on surface. It can be applied highly coverage. Excellent resistance to fungus and attack alkali on plaster. It is suitable for the decoration and protection of all interior building surface.
Product Group
Type of Finishing
Can Size
1/4 GL., 1 GL., 2.5 GL., 5 GL.
4 SEASONS the most popular brand No.1
  • 100% Acrylic Emulsion Paint. High quality and color film high adhesion.
  • Washable Power: Easy to clean from "3M Stain Resistance Additives".
  • Cool Power: Heat reflection more than 95%
  • Durable Power: Resistant to every climate at least 4 times ahead other brand.
  • Healthy Power: Safe with color technology for health "Ultra Low VOCs". 
  • No harm for healthy and environmental-friendly.
  • Cool down up to 12% for indoor temperature.
  • Resistance to fungus and algae.
Excellent resistant
To tropical weather conditions
Suitable for plaster, concrete, brick and gypsum board. Emulsion Paint for interior.