TOA Build Thailand

TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited has been initiating and organizing activities for the society for over 30 years, and it has become a key mechanism of the Company for operating and sustaining its business for more than 50 years. TOA focuses on education to improve the human resource of the country and help the society through its specialists and products. In 2011, TOA organized the activity for the society or CSR under the concept of “TOA Build Thailand.” striving to strengthen awareness, skills, abilities, intellects and development continuously for sustainability of the Thai society, positively impacting the country as a whole.  
TOA Build Thailand 2012 “Build People, Build Career” was organized by working with the Office of the Promotion of the Learning Society and the Quality of Youths, Office of the Vocational Education Commission and the vocational college, aiming to expand the project to the national level by providing knowledge, experiences and career opportunities for vocational students, so they could create jobs and careers, helped themselves and became a key factor for AEC in 2015. The project helped develop the society, drove and sustained the economy of the country and changed the attitude of the society toward vocational students with activities and projects for the society organized by new groups of vocational students volunteering to help the society with varieties of forms and activities in the project. TOA Build Thailand was classified into two areas, including Build Job, Build Career and Build Volunteer.